Webshop & Physical Shop (POS)

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Impressive Webshop & Physical Shop (POS) design

  • Custom Webshop Design in WP/Woo
  • OpenPOS WooCommerce Plugin
    • Centralized stock management for all locations
    • Multiple physical shops supported
    • Staff management 
    • Sales reports 
    • Support for many devices;  PC/Mac/ChromeOS/Tablets/Mobile
  • Could you send us some links to sites you like?
    They don’t need to match your business. So we can get an indication of your preferences. 
  • Can you tell us what pages you want on your site?
    Examples: Home, Contact, About, Services, Gallery…
  • 4 hours of support/fine-tuning
  • 4 hours of instructions on changing content on your site and how to add/edit products.
  • Price: €2499 (OTP)

Webshop & Physical Shop (POS) @ MaltaCode

Please fill in the fields below, and we will reply via email a.s.a.p.

  • The content of the site; Logos, texts for every page, photos/illustrations, 2 products, etc) should be delivered to us by you before we can start building your site.
  • Specify what content is wanted on which page.
  • All mentioned prices are exclusive of MT VAT.
  • Payment conditions are 50% on acceptance and 50% on the delivery of the site. Payments done are non-refundable.