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a piece of history

In 1978, my father bought a costly Ohio Scientific Challenger III computer. In those days, it was very advanced and immense. It interested my brother in programming, which he passed on to me. He gave me a Casio PB-100 mini computer with the programming language BASIC for my 14th birthday. And there it all started 😉

In 1984, when I was 19, I had a job interview in Dubai at American President Lines, a large international company. They acquired the first IBM PC, running MS-Dos V1.0 and Lotus 1-2-3 V1.0 Spreadsheet and needed someone to operate it. I had never seen this computer, nor Ms-Dos or Lotus 1-2-3. The job interview lasted 5 minutes, and I was asked if I had any experience with a computer. Then they dumped me in the room with the computer and told me they would come and see what I created in 45 minutes. I figured out what I needed to do, created a small schedule in Lotus 1-2-3 and showed it to them. I was hired straight away and started the following Monday 🙂

From there, my career started in IT, and I worked till my 26th for large companies setting up networks, developing software, and creating hardware. I developed software solutions and set up hardware for Heineken, Philips, Nokia, Dutch national TV, Corus Steel, and many smaller companies.

Then, I started my own company, developing software, installing networks and computers, and linking them to numerous devices. In 1993, when the Internet as we know it had gained popularity, I started developing sites in HTML, raw in code, nothing like how websites are created today.

In 2012, a project brought me to Malta. My upbringing in the Middle East led me down memory lane, and I moved my company from the Netherlands to Malta in 2014, renamed it MaltaCode. 

For the Maltese, I became the digital nomad next door 🙂

Basic Programming Language - MaltaCode

My expertise

MaltaCode has long-term expertise in software development, web design, and web servers. We develop database applications for online and offline use in FileMaker Pro and PHP/MySQL. Our web servers run on Linux, OpenLiteSpeed, NGINX, or Apache servers in the EU. We update them daily and make sure they are safe, fast, and reliable.

Our fast, friendly and knowledgeable service will help you get the best out of your site!

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Some side projects

Google Home - MaltaCode
PhilipsHue - MaltaCode

Home Automation - Smart Homes

I love to automate things. Our homes/offices, for instance. Lights, audio/video, cameras, climate control, irrigation and more. Everything is controllable by your voice or mobile, remote, and when in the building. Smart combinations, endless possibilities.


I have a lifetime love for sailing, using nature’s force to drive movement, speed, and tranquillity. I own a classic Maltese sailboat, restored it myself and obviously, made it smart without compromising the originality of the boat 😉


My grandfather was a carpenter, and his genes reside partly in me. I love restoring things, from houses to cars, motorbikes, furniture, devices and many other things. Bring them back to life, make them useable and show them.

Our history defines what we are today. 


Based in Gozo - Malta we operate globally.

Phone: (+356) 99669871